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The first National and International reality that sees the fusion of Industry and Innovation at the service of the different commodity sectors and that stands as Technological Observatory to find, select and integrate into companies the Innovation necessary for technological transformations and for Industrial and commercial developments related to digitalization.

Bringing the best international talents to the service of Industry and Innovation.

We are Creative

We will build your future
focusing on the present
while learning from the past.

We have a partnership mentality

We will decide together a precise starting point, directions & aim.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing a technology observatory is easy. Let us convince you

A unique selling proposition

A Technology Observatory – Assessment of your Products and Services, International Scouting, Technology Integration

Market definition

Globalization brings common behavior and desire, the same cultural and social interests, creating new expressions but without creativity and personality.
The market has to evolve.
Definition of the market segmentation, sector and its evolution.
This brings unavoidably to a technology and innovation adaptation

Market creation

From slow industry to fast industry, while maintaining roots and values and the desire to last for future generations.
Evolution needs balance. A slight variation during the actual situation will bring a big variation long-term.

The right timing


Value creation

In the modern era when everything moves at a fast pace and information and communication are instant, we forget that our brain is a slow machine and we need to adapt ourselves to any new change. The same goes for market and economy.
We are surrounded by high speed technology which we need to combine with interpersonal communication, selling and providing a service. We need to combine velocity with deliberation.
Digital thoughts cannot exist, as thoughts are continuous and digital is instant. We need to carve our instruments for the future from a balance of past present and future.

Direction & aim

To delineate a clear definition of present needs and future development, globally.

Did You Know?

The key of success is searching, choosing and integrating emerging innovation towards new markets
Direct Scouting
Learning & Knowledge Management
Performance Measurement

Our Services

We plan, design, build and execute your plan to evolve
into a profitable sustainable and replicable growth path

Technology Observatory

A complete ecosystem from innovation to industry.


Creating a platform that will allow corporations to successfully confront market changes.


30 years of technology experience in all IT fields, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digitalization, networks, IT architecture and more. Knowledge on scouting and adapting technology to the actual company structure.


Matching strategy, technology and globalization step by step.


It's not a theory. We bring the idea and implementation to fruition with the best professional guidance.


We believe in perfection, and we will bring your corporation to achieve your aim to perfection.

Membership Program

We offer our Services under a Yearly Membership program

Linking Innovation to Industry - Analysis of current trends and transformation strategies - Strategic roles in R&D - Goals definition - Direct access to Inlight Human Capital

Mergers & Acquisitions exposure to worldwide technology connections - Direct access to Israel technology ecosystem

Technology integration - Tailor made Innovation exposure - Setting unique challenges & themes - From Israel at global level

60% Complete
80% Complete
90% Complete

How We Do It

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Planning

First Step:
Evaluation of the product or the service of the customer
Technology evaluation
Evaluation of Innovation in pipeline
Results: Innovation segmentation

Second Step:
Scouting technology at world level
Analysis of new technology
Bi lateral meetings
Integration technology.

Learn, Adapt & Improve

Technology applied to the market and design a new market proposal.

Create, Innovate & Grow

In Latin it is called "Festina Lente", i.e. “make haste slowly”.
In the modern era when everything is moving at a fast pace and information and communication are instant, we forget that our brain is a slow machine, and we need to adapt ourselves to any new change. The same goes for market and economy.
We are surrounded by high speed technology which we need to combine with interpersonal communication, selling and providing a service. We need to combine velocity with deliberation. Digital thoughts cannot exist, as thoughts are continuous and digital is instant. We need to carve our instruments for the future from a balance of past present and future.

We Are Innovation Partners of

Some of the best professionals around

Meet the Team

Roberta Anati
CEO & Founder

Roberta Anati has over 30 years of experience in technologies, marketing, international business development, M&A, growing companies, etc. and has held several prominent positions in the public and private sectors, including: • Vice Deputy of the Italian Trade Commission in Tel Aviv for 6 years • Vice President of the Israel Italy Chamber of Commerce for 5 years • Consultant for the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv for nearly 20 years • Consultant for the Israel Ministry of Trade for 5 years • CEO of Vanalite (innovation technology based on Vanadium Dioxide) at the Dimona Technology Incubator for 2 years • VP of Abudi Signs (digital communication technology) for 2 years • VP of Cipriani Food (Italian Luxury Food in Paris for 2 years • VP of SPLT (financing and strategy) in Paris for 2 years • CEO of Barly Shoes, Italy for 3 years

Evolving with her own consultancy firm, Roberta has specialized in developing evolving strategy since 2000, serving as: • Managing Director of Jstone-Fondazione Bancaria CRT in Israel for the development of innovation technology from the Piedmont Region, instrumental in the company’s signing an R&D Agreement with the State of Israel • Managing Director for innovation for Provincia di Trento, responsible for the institution’s signing an R&D Agreement with the State of Israel • Consultant for Finmeccanica, assisting the company in winning a postal automation tender • Senior Consultant for Expert System Israel, creating a joint venture with Ness TSG and positioning the company at the highest Intelligence and Cyber level in Israel • Senior Consultant for Nivi Group, creating the development strategy, business language and a joint venture with a systems integrator • Consultant for US fund Marquee Brands, introducing the opportunity and leading the acquisition of Bruno Magli • Senior Consultant for Israeli investment in Omnamgroup, developing hotel real estate in Italy • Currently CEO of Italia Brand Group on an international level, developing a new model of internationalization in the communication sector

Roberta is highly specialized in the field of artificial intelligence and cyber security solution, with a unique knowledge on how to match the technology to the market.

Daniel Anati

Daniel is a software engineer with a long experience on US and Israeli large enterprises, specialized in Telco, Web Development, UX Architecture and UI. Patented web response instruments, expert in web semantic.
Daniel was Senior Web Development in Avaya for 10 years Senior Software Engineer for 3 years, developing new semantic engines CEO and co-founder of Feedmeback, a feedback engine
Daniel role is determining how mainstream and emerging technologies should be used to advance business strategy, analyze new technology innovations, and making key decisions on technology investments
Daniel enable Inlight to provide our customers with technical innovation insights and he is managing the development of several digital emerging platforms, including an innovative engine for Inlight database.

Ariel Anati
Head of Finance & Operations

Ariel is a financial professional, consultant and Lecturer in the fields of corporate finance, valuation, strategy and research with experience working and leading projects in the tech ecosystem in Israel, combining innovation and finance together.
He has worked with various key players in the Israeli tech ecosystem, including: entrepreneurs, VC's, PE’s, and angel investors. Working with firms from seed to full grown up startup's and 'old school' industrial companies in the fields of: finance, banking, cyber security, automotive, industry 4.0 and IOT.
Among the vast majority of successful projects and deals Ariel had the opportunity to take part of the signing of Adler Group (1.5B€ automotive Italian company) on the "MNC agreement" with the Israeli innovation authority (IIA) and the opening of an Italian- Israeli innovation lab with Biesse group (800M€ industrial company) joining the Ham-let lab, which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ariel is an accomplished speaker at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), where he teach the course "Financial Thinking for Startups" and the course “Quantitative Methods in Finance”.

Lamberto Dolci
Senior Advisor Marketing & PR

Lamberto is ENI's senior vice president of marketing (R&M division) where he has for the last 15 years overseeing marketing activities for the development and support of commercial processes, formules the division's marketing plans / budgets, and ensuring their monitoring and timely feedback to the commercial lines
He is also actively promoting the planning and implementation of market research and analysis in order to promote the development of knowledge of the reference market
Lamberto successfully manages a team of 50 collaborators and staff and reports directly to the general management
Previous to his activities at ENI Lamberto was responsabile for the brand image of the Italian Post Service, and Marketing manager at Merloni Electronics

Gabriel Anati
Graphic Designer

Gabriel is a UI/UX professional leaving and working from Tel-Aviv. With over 3 years of graphics and UX design he holds 3 certificates in media and design (one attained in Milan, Italy) and is a B.Ed. student in Visual Communications at Seminar Hakibbutzim in Tel-Aviv. Gabriel is very skilled in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma and Unity, have previous experience in Video Game Design, and in his free time likes reading Manga

Valentino Stabile
UAE Advisor

Valentino is a management professional specialized in transportation, aviation and mobility with extensive experience in project and program management
He served at Dubai Airport as Senior Manager/Program Management & Strategy& Development Airport and Aviation, at GDS as Tener & Program Manager Railways and Public Transport, and in Alten Italia as a Consultant Project Leader Automotive Sector
Currently based in Dubai, he has strong international exposure having lived and worked in 5 countries across Europe and the Middle East where he regularly operates and has developed business acumen with a strong sensitivity to local customs and traditions
Holder of an Executive Master in Business Administration from Bologna Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Università'degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Valentino is a firm believer that continuous learning forms a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways of relating to people from different cultures

A.Serhat Demirel
Partner Turkey & Africa

Serhat has been operating in the advertising and consulting sector for 18 years. He holds commercial and academic ties in Turkey, West Africa and Italy, while consulting for projects in The Emirates, West Africa and Eastern Europe. An entrepreneur and generalist at heart, he leads and manages activities in business development, finance management, events and field projects, 360º communication projects and marketing strategies.
Co-Founder and President of DS Integrated Communication Solutions Turkey and Co-Founder & Vice President of ALTUM Turkey, ALTUM Congo and ALTUM Burkina Faso. Serhat has guided his creative team to successful completion of many projects for renowned brands such as Sony, Nokia, Efes Pilsen, Carrefour, Loreal, Opet Fullmax, Volvo, Opel, Chicco, Turkcell, Fritolay, Converse, Kinder, Pfizer, Novartis, Novartis, PlayStation, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Xperia, Danone, Star TV, Airties, McDonalds, Tukaş, Davidoff, Seramiksan, Yamaha, Kütaş Group.
While specializing in field marketing, he has led his companies into a sustainable future by constantly updating capabilities and integrating new technologies and platforms such as social media, e-commerce and retail 3.0.
Having a strong interest in developing countries and social development, Serhat has also contributed to the management and coordination of various NGO-led projects and programs related to disaster coordination, training, and youth employment. As a consequence, Serhat is regularly invited to speak at symposiums and conferences for organizations, universities and private establishments

Evren Inankur
Co-Partner, Turkey

Evren has over 25 years of experience in marketing and operations as a leader for international business development, change management, brand communications, business operations, etc executing plans for management of hundreds of million Euro budgets and up to 25.000 employee businesses. 
Evren has received her bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, followed by a post degree from Harvard University on B.A.
Upon her return to Turkey, Evren started to work for international companies like Toyota, Sony, ISS, Hafele and held various positions where she had the chance to develop expertise in hardware, facility management, consumer and professional electronics, IT, telecommunications, automotive, construction, fashion, finance and entertainment sectors. She then pursued consultancy role and engaged in development of complex services projects (business consultancy, business intelligence, CRM, ERP, general management) with major clients.
At her current role with DS, Evren is a managing partner and leads a team of creative and business focused communication and strategy professionals to offer omni-channel, customer centric brand and communication strategies for Turkey’s prominent national and international brands as a full capacity communication agency.

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